Thursday, 10 September 2015

Selling soup

Making Soup
Four weeks ago we made soup. First we got a pot of water and cut up some carrots, some leeks, and some pumpkin.I was the one who cut up the leeks. After that I put them into the pot where the others had put their vegetables. Then we let it cook.My favorite vegetable is broccoli. It is yum.

Two weeks ago we took the soup out of the freezer and got it ready to sell. Some of us were selling soup and some were putting the soup into the cups and others put the money in the till. We sold heaps of soup and got lots of money.I had the best time selling soup.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The three possum

Once there were three little possums. They lived with their uncle possum.  “Hey! You three need to find your own houses now so off. They went to look for a new house but instead. They made a house and the first possum made his house out of feathers the second possum made his house out of wood the third possum made his house out of bricks.But one day a big bad dragon came along and the dragon saw them going into their houses. I would love to eat those juicy little possums. So the dragon went to the first house little possum. “ Little possum let me in.”
“No you what to eat me.”
"Just let me in!”
“No go away!” But the dragon burned down the house.    Then the little possum ran to his brother’s house. “Open the door. The dragon is coming. Open the door!” The little possums ran to their other brother’s house and when the dragon came he couldn't get in because the brick house was too strong. The dragon went home hungry and very angry.