Thursday, 14 June 2018


“Paintball yass” Tevita said we went to Prince he start explaining the rules so he said you can’t shoot their heads and don’t pull the slingshots to far back or it will break. We a had been given a slingshot each and a hand full of paintballs so we start the first round it was everyone against everyone. Prince yelled “Is everyone ready!” everyone yelled “Yes!” “Go” Prince yelled a paintball went flying across my shoulder. I scanned the area to see who shot that, as I was scanning the area I saw Tevita’s head peeking out from the corner of the tyres on the other side of the battlefield he was peeking out and waiting for the right moment to fire other paintball. I saw Toni trying to get me too .Toni took a shot  he missed and that’s when I knew it was time to go in for the shot I ran as fast as I could and the only thing that I could think of was winning I fired and he fire at the same time he got me and I got him we were both out. So we both had to wait till the next round started.

Round two has start I was scared I might fail in this round it as well so I ran to cover and I slipped again this mud must be the slipperiest mud in the world so got back and hid in cover. I looked around I saw Tevita and Ana hiding I shot I hit the tyres then and shot at me she missed Tevita took his shot he missed. A few minutes later it was just me, Tevita, Sheales, Lishana, Api, Toni and Ana me, Tevita and Toni were teaming against the girls I got Ana out and Lishand Tevita got Api out and Toni got sheales out. It was just the boys left I got Toni out so it just me and tevita we each had one paintball left and who ever ran out of paintballs was out. It took awhile for someone to get out then bang Tevita shot his paintball and hit me on the chest  

Round three has started this round was a little different to the other two rounds this round was called capture the flag in this round, Prince put a flag in the middle of the field and to play this game we had to make our own teams there were 4 players in each team and there was only two teams. So there was one team on each side of the field we all waited till Prince said go. While We were all waiting in cover we made plan two of us go forward and two stay back. Then Prince yelled “Go.” me and one of my teammates ran forward it seemed like the other team had the same plain they got to the middle first when we got there we started shooting they grabbed the flag they ran back tevita was covering his mate I shot twice I miss he made it back to his side of the field “yay” their team yelled they won that round. 

   This round was the greatest one yet one person had to run straight from one side of the field to the other and as they ran we had to shoot at them. The first one to run was Tevita, Prince told us to stand on the right side of the field and to line up and had to aim at tevita. Prince said “Go.” Tevita ran as fast as he could I hit and Ana. Then it was my turn to run Prince yelled “Go!.” I ran across the field

That was my experience at paintball 

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  1. Malo e Lelei Vili,

    You must've had a good time at Paintball! This reminds me when I was at Paintball, I got shot a lot times and it was very painful! Keep it up !