Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Giant soup

The Giant Soup                   retold by Vili Talanoa

The giant’s mum went on a holiday. “I want to eat something. I will make soup for myself. I need a pot with water in it and some carrots and some onions for my soup,” he said. Then the giant tried the soup. “It is no good,” said the giant. “It needs a beef bone.” The giant went to get his beef bone but the soup was still no good. After that the giant went and put his sneakers on.   
    Then the giant saw a little boy walking from school back home reading a cookbook.The giant went and grabbed him and put the boy in the soup. Then Jason said, “You don’t know how to cook because the stove is not on and it needs some salt and pepper in it.”
  Jason swam round and round drinking a bit more of soup.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” said the giant, and took Jason out of the pot of soup then jason went home.

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