Thursday, 3 November 2016

Writing Test

One day there were 3 men who went camping. Their names  were jack, james and Troy the went into the their tents so they have some rest. Then they saw something it creeping around Troy’s tent then jumped in the air and it came fall and made a hole in the tent and it was just and big dog.

Jack said what is go on here sorry it’s just me and this dog oh ok. So we are leave in sunlight. Two hours later man i’m so tired i’m going to jack up and james so Troy went to wake up james but james one more minute OK so Troy to wake up Jack but was gone he was  going to the house to get some food then stop and looked around him and then look he was to but got lost.

James was calling for jack but they could not find him the two men looked everywhere but the house.“where could he be” “I don’t know” so they went back to their camping grounds and jack found his way back. “Where were you man” “I just got lost”  Oh Ok “But you do want to get lost because I was yelling help!”.

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