Thursday, 14 June 2018

Spy Fox

“Morning Fox,” said Lily 
“Hey Lily where did you park my spy car?,” asked Fox
“Remember you took it on one of your missions” Lily replied. Fox quickly activated his Jetpack and went flying out the door he flew to the sky and scanned the city for his ride “bam found it,” said Fox.

Few minutes later… Fox made it to Sabertooth’s lair he saw Sabertooth in his car. “Hey!, Tooth boy!,” Fox called. Sabertooth looked over his shoulder “Kittens attack!” sabertooth suddenly yelled  the Kittens ran and they all jumped on Fox like he was a huge pellow then Lily appeared out of nowhere. Then she grabbed one of the kittens off fox then all the kittens went for Lily “Lily do you need help!?” asked Fox
“No!, I can take care of them go get Sabertooth!” said Lily.

Fox turned around to Sabertooth “Hahahahaha!! You're too late now!,” said Sabertooth from above “I will take your spy car and use its parts for my new x weapon to take over the world!,” Sabertooth grab the door of the spy car and he pulled it right off. Fox grab his gun out and shot at the chains that were holding car then the car almost fell to Fox but sabertooth caught it with his amazing strength Fox shot again this time he shot the platform that sabertooth was standing on then he started falling to the ground.

When Sabertooth woke up lying down on stone ground where am I and all he could see was a stone roof over his head he also saw stone walls then a thought went to his mind he thought that he was in prison he looked at it seemed to be a glass window then suddenly he heard a voice that said “Your awake this is what you get for meddling with my car you will be here for the rest of your life,” Said Fox
“Curse you Fox!,” yelled Sabertooth.


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