Monday, 3 September 2018


How the Cheetah got its name 

Years ago, in the viney, clean jungle there lived a animal named Ezra - Ezra had beautiful smooth fur with black spots Ezra also had beautiful rare brown eyes.He was really good at smelling and tracking prey from miles away even if it's a mice. He was known for his incredible speed and agility. No one dares to challenge him.

One day Ezra was walking around looking for a river to have a drink. As minutes passed, Ezra finally found a big clean river however he spotted a animal, it was lion - Lion was fearless, and strong whenever someone challenges him it's almost hard for him to say no to a challenge.

Ezra noticed that his was drinking the water from his own river. Ezra furiously approached lion.
" How dare you come here, this is my river!" said Ezra
" Oh, sorry I didn't see any signs saying it's your” replied Lion
"Oh really, well I challenge you to a racing competition" said Ezra.
After that lion walked away, while Ezra went home to train.

After a month the 2 animals met up for their race
They both stood on one side of the muddy, narrow track a monkey stood up high from a tree and said "Ready...Set...Go!”
The 2 fearless animals both ran as they near the finish line Ezra saw that lion was ahead of him so Ezra grabbed a rock and threw the at lions legs, lion tripped up and fell over Ezra quickly ran past lion and made it to the finish line all the animals saw him cheat so they all called him cheetah.


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